Published November 11, 2015

Emerging 'til We Rise

Shantay Robinson
Published November 11, 2015

Walking into Focus

Published June 24, 2014 • Buy for $3.99

Sweet Home Everywhere

The Life and Times of an Unlikely Rock and Roll Anthem

<p> Released in 1974, &ldquo;Sweet Home Alabama&rdquo; has become synonymous with Southern rock. From its opening guitar riff, it is instantly recognizable, a raucous, irreverent defense of a Deep South state and its segregationist governor against the jabs of Neil Young. But the roots of Lynyrd Skynyrd's best-selling anthem go much deeper than regional pride or resentment of a fellow rocker. In this fresh take on the history of an oft-debated rock classic, journalist Jonathan Bernstein traces the tune's surprising centuries-old origins and incredible global influence, which continues to this day. Sweet Home Everywhere is the story of a song that has enthralled, enraged, and perplexed listeners for 40 years.</p>
Published December 4, 2013

The Gutbucket King

New Orleans bluesman Little Freddie King’s epic story of sharecropping, migration, music, stabbings, shootings, race, and redemption, with never-before-heard music and interviews. Written by award-winning journalist Barry Yeoman for The New New South.
Barry Yeoman
Published September 10, 2013

For the Public Good